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Before shopping for new kitchen cabinets, take a look at Wrap My Kitchen™. You may save thousands of dollars and, above all, avoid demolition, sanding and painting! Wrap My Kitchen is an innovative solution for resurfacing your kitchen cabinet doors, and more. We have designed an easy to install adhesive film that gives amazing results and all this with zero dust and zero noise.

Our products have been installed with great satisfaction in thousands of kitchens, bathrooms as well as in several commercial projects. No training is required to install our Wrap MK and beautify your property in just a few hours!

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SmartWrap is a technology exclusive to Wrap My Kitchen™. We have achieved the perfect balance between the thickness of our wrap and its ability to evacuate air upon application. With SmartWrap, it is possible to apply the product yourself without having to hire a professional.

Wrap My Kitchen™ uses DuraWrap technology to produce its various finishes. A proven technology backed by many years of research. Our adhesive wraps combine elegance and durability at a fraction of the cost of the materials they recreate.